MovementsUK celebrates 35 years of trading

by Bill Cregeen

MovementsUK celebrates 35 years of trading

MovementsUK celebrates 35 years of trading

On Wednesday 4th September 2019 we are delighted to be celebrating the 35th trading year for MovementsUK.

In addition to this milestone, we are also proud to announce that we will be welcoming a Tesla Model X electric vehicle to our fleet later this month. MovementsUK is taking the lead in a move to offer our corporate customers an environmentally friendly business travel option with the fully electric Tesla Model X. This new arrival forms part of a series of shifts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint whilst maintaining the highest level of customer comfort during travel.

Founder and Managing Director, Bill Cregeen, commented saying "35 years is a real milestone for the business. I couldn’t have done it without the help of an amazing team, and I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some great people over the years. Customers have also been responsible for pushing things along and making sure we stay ahead of the competition. We really do ‘get’ the requirements of the business traveller and we are quietly confident about the next 10 years. Leading the regional passenger transport sector into the EV world and continuing to grow the business remains at the forefront of our ambitions. We’re looking forward to hearing what our customers and colleagues think about the new vehicle and the fact we’ve chosen what is described by many motoring organisations as ‘The safest SUV in the world'."

Established in 1984, MovementsUK opened its first premises in Barrow Upon Soar with the original Ford Cortina. Now we operate a fleet of 17 cars and 25 chauffeurs that service leading local businesses for airport transfer and business travel requirements.

As a business, we have aspirations to double our current fleet size in the next 10 years with the vision of being 100% zero emissions by 2025. In the last 12 months, the chauffeur team has seen dramatic growth in order to manage increased demand and that growth will only continue. Currently, the business is seeking chauffeurs to cover 5 new positions, you visit our careers page for more information on our career opportunities (click here).

Pictured; The new Tesla Model X (top) and the very first MovementsUK fleet, picture taken in 1984 (below)

MovementsUK in Shepshed celebrates 35 years of trading