MovementsUK moves to reduce environmental impact

by Bill Cregeen

MovementsUK moves to reduce environmental impact

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact

As a modern business serving global customers, we have a strong commitment to reducing our environmental impact and providing sustainable transport options to our customers.

Over the last few years, we have closely followed alternative fuel developments; this area now seems to be progressing at an increased pace. Electric Vehicles (EV’s) with a range of 300+ miles are available today. However, only a limited number of UK transport providers have made a move to incorporate these into their businesses.

We are committed to maintaining our position as industry leaders in our region, and as such, over the last two years have invested heavily in car tracking and telematics software to enable us to deliver the highest standards of safety, comfort and peace of mind to our travellers. Now our attention is turning to enhance our fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles while maintaining passenger comfort and safety.

This year we will achieve our 35th year of trading, and as such we’re planning some exciting changes within our business. As part of these future changes, we have recently evaluated a Tesla Model S for three days to check it’s suitability to our business needs and we are very excited to have more news coming soon on the development of our fleet.

Our long term ambition is to achieve a zero-emission fleet by 2025, well ahead of the Government’s deadline of 2040 for all new cars and vans sold in the UK to be zero emission.

Exciting times ahead, please watch this space!